Dr. med. dent. Ralf Luckey
Dr. Ralf Luckey, MSc
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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. med. dent. Ralf Luckey
Dr. med. dent. Ralf Luckey, MSc

Dr. Luckey studied dentistry at Hannover Medical School. His medical specialist qualification as an implantologist proceeded in the scope of secondary studies at the renowned Donau University in Krems, which Dr. Luckey completed successfully acquiring the academic degree of "Master of Science". In his master thesis Dr. Luckey committed himself to the subject "Efficiency Enhancement of Computer-Based and Navigation-Supported Implantology in Anatomically Difficult Regions Using the RoboDent -System".

Dr. Ralf Luckey is senior physician at the DIG. Since 1995, he successfully runs his own dental office in the Beindorff –Villa, Hannover, and after acquiring his medical license and doctor’s degree in 1991 he underwent further training at various dental offices and clinics and in the course of several stays abroad.

Since 2003 Dr. Luckey is one of the few German implantologists who have successfully completed the European examination of specialists. Dr. Luckey hence has the additional qualification "Specialist in Implantology of the European Dental Association EDA".

Dr. Luckey has been working in the field of implantology ever since 1991 and has successfully placed more than 10,000 implants. Several times in one year he attends further education and training courses in the USA, in order to integrate experiences made there into his treatment concept. His dedication enables him to work with the most significant specialists in the USA.

In 2003, Dr. Luckey was appointed to the editorial expert board of the international journal Dental Tribune.

Dr. Luckey is member of the following associations:
- European Dental Association (EDA)
- International Society on Aesthetic Medicin (IGÄM)
- German Association of Dental implantology (DGZI)
- German Implantology Society (DGI)
- German Oral Implantology Centre (DZOI)
- German Association of Periodontology (DPG)
- German Society for Lasers in Dentistry (DGL)
- German Society of Dental Oral and Craniomandibular Science (DGZMK)

As an author of various expert publications and coordinator of lecturers at the further professional education centre for implantology at the company Implant Innovations 3I, Dr. Luckey passes his knowledge on to others. To this end, Dr. Luckey conducts personal coaching at his dental office pursuing two different strategies:

1. Sitting in on lectures (hospitation): The participant stays a (half) day at his dental practice. The desired course subjects have been thoroughly discussed in advance between him and the participant. Based on this information Dr. Luckey calls the corresponding patients to this appointment. It is also possible, under certain circumstances, that the participant brings his own cases and/or patients for discussion.

2. In-house training: The other option is that Dr. Luckey instructs the participant in the latter’s own dental offices. This might, for example, include an operation or the presentation of various patients for the purpose of an initial pre-prosthetic examination.


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